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Off-Shore Storm

Off-Shore Storm

Project Statement

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I photographed the images in this series to create portraits of the places that captivate me.  Our world is defined by dynamic processes at the boundaries between fluid earth, solid earth, and biosphere. These processes can be chemical or physical and the transitions abrupt or gradual; obvious or subtle. Varying over scales of distance and time the perspectives associated with the different process are intriguing.  I’m drawn to the complexity of the landscapes sculped by these processes. While the scales in these landscapes vary from inches to tens of feet all have a feeling of intimacy.

 A print is the final expression of the image that I’ve conceived when taking the photograph, and I view the craftsmanship involved with printing to be as important as the original composition of the photograph. I chose to print these images in black and white using the platinum/palladium process because I want them to be focused on form and texture. Since we’re accustomed to seeing the world represented in color, a black and white image is a step away from obvious reality, thus encouraging the viewer to look more closely. The platinum/palladium process is an historic, hand-crafted process that results in an image with a long dynamic range and subtle mid-tones.